In order to provide an integral service to its customers, INTOREX essentially offers 3 service lines to meet the specific demands of each moment.
The very size of the company allows us to have a great dynamism, being able to personalize the attention in each case according to the best that adapts to the needs.

Spare parts service:
Our experience, industry knowledge and luggage allow us to have the necessary spare parts for every occasion, providing a quick and efficient solution to customer requests.
Some of the products we have are: motors, calipers, heads, pumps, gouges, electrical equipment, bearings, belts, etc …

Technical support line:
Our qualified staff is ready to receive requests from our customers and resolve any incident or doubt that may arise. In this sense, we must evaluate the deep technical knowledge of INTOREX staff, as well as the high level of knowledge of all the processes and products that we implement in our company.
And how always, with the clear goal of adapting to each customer’s request, by personalizing the maximum attention in each case.
The routes we use are phone, email, video conference or remote connection to the computer.

Training Center:
To understand, learn and practice the proper functioning of our machines, INTOREX offers stays in its facilities to acquire the necessary knowledge. During training, customers will be accompanied at all times by our technical staff, who have extensive knowledge, and who will work both on the theoretical side of software and programming and the practical side of the machines.
In specific cases, and always adapting to customer requests, training can be done on site at the customer’s premises.

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